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Worn and loved by sportswomen

  • These pants are amazing, I love that I can go about all my usual activities while knowing that I am covered on even the heaviest period days, while I protect the planet by creating zero single use plastic waste.

    Laura Crane - Surfer

  • Having tried them out I genuinely couldn’t recommend them enough! I wore them in the gym with leggings on, no VPL, no issues, and if I’m honest they’re so comfy I would probably wear them not on my period!

    Tammy Beaumont - England Cricketer

  • These period pants are the best invention ever. The Sporty girl shape makes them comfy and have no VPL and for someone that suffers with very heavy periods, they give me the confidence that I’m not going to leak mid training session or through the night.

    Kadeena Cox - Para Olympian

  • I loved the No VPL and the cute design, They are comfy to run in and, being pregnant, my pelvic floor has been on and off so these gave me more confidence. I love the positive effect on the environment of not needing pads or tampons. Total gamechanger.

    Sophie Power - UltraRunner