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Light Absorbency

10ml or 1 to 2 tampons

Our Light Sporty range have a seam free design which makes them great for wearing under gym leggings. Perfect for protection against little leaks when working out, heavy discharge & really sweaty gym classes! They’re also ideal for the beginning or end of your period and days you're due on and don't want to get caught out!

No VPL, No chafing - just really comfy, protecting knickers.

Medium Absorbency

15ml or 2 to 3 tampons

Perfect protection for stress incontinence - those little bladder leaks that happen when you're coughing, sneezing & laughing! For periods, these are great for average flow days - or if you want some extra protection when wearing with other sustainable period care options like menstrual cups or organic tampons.

Comfortable and discreet - you'll feel totally secure.

Heavy Absorbency

20ml or 3 to 4 tampons

Our best protection, without compromising on style. We recommend these for days you want to feel extra secure - when you’re concerned about bladder leaks or for the heaviest days of your period or even after having a baby. The large gusset gives full coverage protection, ideal for keeping you dry and comfortable whilst you sleep.

Peace of mind and all day protection.

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