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About Nixi Body's Incontinence and Period Underwear


Let's Talk Female Incontinence

Incontinence is an issue that affects millions of women and yet the current incontinence products out there aren't good enough. Unsightly incontinence pants and uncomfortable pads aren't what vibrant, active women want to wear - no matter their age. Nixi Body is here to change that.

Unparalleled Protection From Leaks

Nixi Body underwear offers protection against leaks - from menstruation to incontinence - so you can spend your day playing - not pausing. Made from soft, breathable fabric, the highly absorbent gusset protects against leaks and odour whilst also providing comfort and security.

Sustainable and Stylish Sanitary Wear

Unlike other incontinence pants, Nixi Body Underwear is sustainable, stylish and won't be found next to nappies and sanitary products in the supermarket. Designed with the diversity and beauty of the female body in mind, Nixi Body pants come in six different styles and cater to a wide range of sizes. The seam-free flattering design means visible lines are never an issue, whether you're at the gym in your leggings or at a party in your kiler new dress.

But How Do Nixi Bodys Work?

The key is in the four layers of our super absorbent gusset.  Our specially created design protects against bladder leaks, menstruation, discharge and sweat, so whatever you're doing and whatever stage of life you're at, you can feel dry and comfortable all day.

Our pants are also completely washable so you'll never have to buy disposable incontinence pants or sanitary towels ever again! You'll be saving both the planet and money (as well as the embarrassement of that dreaded VPL....)

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