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Stress & Urinary Incontinence - What's The Difference?

Stress & Urinary Incontinence - What's The Difference?

What's the difference between stress incontinence and urge incontinence? How can you protect yourself from both? We've got all the answers here.

Urinary incontinence is seldom talked about. The act of accidentally urinating on yourself is a hard topic to broach, especially among young women. The stigma attached to this medical condition is such that it is difficult to bring up even with a doctor. Keeping it to yourself can cause more serious problems in the future, however.

Knowing more about what causes incontinence can help lessen the knee-jerk reaction of shame when it happens. It can also take away some of the fear and stress that result from developing this condition. Educating yourself on the subject can also bring you closer to treatment.

Involuntary urination in women is divided into two types: stress incontinence and urge incontinence.

Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI)

This type of incontinence is identifiable by its symptoms. Leakage problems which occur when you laugh, cough, or sneeze. When the muscles that support the urethra are weakened, your bladder and urinary tract are unable to contract properly. If you've noticed your underwear is wet after an intense workout, the exercises might be a cause of the leakage. Obesity is also a factor that causes SUI. Excessive weight causes unnecessary pressure to push down on your bladder and urethra.

Urge Incontinence

When you suddenly feel the urge to urinate but can't make it to the loo in time, that is classified as urge incontinence. This type of incontinence is often caused by other underlying health issues. Diabetes, for example, causes your body to produce more urine than normal. Additionally, when something is blocking your urinary tract, your bladder is unable to control leaks.

Incontinence is still a medical condition that requires treatment. Protect your underwear and prevent worse conditions from developing by getting yourself checked.

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