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Are Incontinence Pants Better Than Pads?

Are Incontinence Pants Better Than Pads?

We love this question! And whilst we may be a bit biased, but we’d have to say yes. There are so many reasons why we prefer pants over pads - but here are just a few… 

More Sustainable 

By now we are probably all aware of the impact that disposable incontinence pads are having on the environment, but if you’re not - here’s a little reminder. You might take your canvas tote bag shopping, but did you know that a packet of pads contains the same amount of plastic as your average carrier bag? 200,000 tonnes of waste from incontinence and period care products are landfilled each year in the UK and let’s not even get into how much ends up in our oceans.⁠ The manufacture of disposable pads also uses a lot of energy, especially as companies are churning them out at volume. The fuel burned to create these products is yet another ripple effect that damages the environment. 

You shouldn’t have to worry about the impact you’re having on the environment when you are already worrying about a weak bladder! Reusable pants give you even more security than pads and without a side of eco-guilt.  

More Discreet 

This is a huge one for us! When I first started dealing with incontinence, disposable pads were one of the only options on the market. They made me feel like I was wearing a nappy and - thanks to the tell-tale lines and bulkiness - it looked like I was wearing one too. Add on top of that the rustle they made that made it sound like I had shoved crisp packets down my pants and it showed me that disposable pads were hardly discreet. Our reusable pants look and feel exactly like ‘normal’ pants and are so discreet no one would know the difference. Our Sporty range has a scalloped edge that makes them totally VPL free- whether you are wearing tight gym leggings or a skimpy little dress! 

Because they’re so discreet you can wear them all the time and with anything. That means you’re always prepared if a little leak tries to ruin your day. 

Better For Your Intimate Area 

Disposable pads aren’t only bad for the planet - they're bad for your body too. Whilst there are some organic options out there now, traditional pads are full of toxins that have no place being between your legs. Conventional incontinence pads often contain harmful chemicals such as phthalates, bisphenol and pesticides. Whilst it’s usually in small doses, sustained exposure can be bad news for your health and your hormones - as many of these are endocrine disruptors. Then there’s the fragrances, the bleaching (why they make something that’s going to be covered in blood and wee bright white, we’ll never know). 

Reusable pants are not only free-from chemicals but they are made from a breathable fabric that lets your intimate area get the ventilation it needs to stay happy and healthy.  

Save You Money 

If you’re wearing incontinence pads daily, you could end p spending thousands of pounds on them over your lifetime. Our knickers may carry a higher initial price tag, but you could buy one for each day of the week and wear them for years. In the long-term, you will definitely save money (and the planet) by swapping from disposables. Also, let’s not underestimate the admin of popping to the shops when you realise you have run out of pads - no one needs another thing on their to-do list. 

If you’re ready to make the swap from disposable incontinence pads to reusable pads - check out our full range today.